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September 24, 2017  
October 30, 2016  
June 17, 2012  

FATHER’S DAY - DIRECTION: Don’t assume fatherhood without assuming responsibility. So much of our relational activity today is done from a distance. Texting, email, phone, etc. Parents sometimes parent from a distance and fathers are all to often absent, either physically or emotionally. What does it mean to be a hands on Dad?

June 10, 2012  

DIRECTION: Just because your back is to the wall doesn’t mean God’s back is to you. All families face tough times. What does a healthy family look like? How do we muddle through the muddle in the middle? Being scriptural and gold doesn’t mean your kids won’t go rogue at some point. But remember…this may be nothing more than the muddle in the middle. Don’t quit. You’re always a child…and if you have kids…you’re always a parent. (We’ll do a study of my family and some of what we worked through)

June 3, 2012  

DIRECTION: Good parenting isn’t giving kids rules to follow; it’s giving them a foundation upon which to build. If someone asks you to watch their pet for them while they are gone, how do you take care of that pet? Do you mind if they are lost or hurt or killed? God isn’t asking us to take care of his pets…He’s asking us to take care of His children. How are we handling it? Who is raising your kids? Who and what sets their standards? Video games? School teachers? Their friends? Every sinful and misplaced decision you make before your children, that goes uncorrected, is a value you give them.

May 27, 2012  

Due to the amount of questions submitted in both the 1st and 2nd services, questions were combined onto this one recording.

May 20, 2012  

DIRECTION: If you don’t put wood on the fire…it’s not going to burn. We have to make sure the basics of marriage are being put into place in our marriages. Otherwise, the passion and peace of our homes will disappear. We need to understand communication, conflict resolution, mutual emotional investment, and unselfishness, if we are to have good marriages.

May 13, 2012  

DIRECTION: God uses people regardless of their past to accomplish His plan

May 6, 2012  

DIRECTION: Spouses that understand influence build marriages that undergird legacies. What is the value and purpose of marriage? Most marriages produce children. Are we seeking to produce kids or disciples? Do we see them as burdens or blessings? Do we want them to become simply adults or believers? How does destiny relate to marriage?

September 5, 2010  

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