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April 1, 2012  

PROPOSITION: Our ability to face life comes in the wake of Christ’s ability to face death.

March 25, 2012  

PROPOSITION: God’s love and creative power went into Eden; our sin came out of Eden.

October 16, 2011  

DIRECTION: Jesus didn't die so we'd know and follow the rules: He died so we'd know and follow God. Most people assume that going to church, reading their Bible, praying, and doing religious stuff is the "pathway to God." But religion is, in fact, one of the oldest tricks in Hell's handbook. Discover why religion just doesn't work…and the shocking freedom found in the true Gospel.

October 2, 2011  

Ed Rotz is the District Superintendent of the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Church

September 25, 2011  
August 28, 2011  

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